JINR scholarships and awards

Education, 29 December 2020

Students and postgraduates of the University “Dubna” are awarded scholarships and prizes of JINR.

The most active young researchers of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research receive scholarships and awards. The University “Dubna” congratulates students and postgraduates of the Department of Fundamental Problems of Microworld Physics on new achievements:

  • E. A. Mardyban, a postgraduate, received the Soloviev Scholarship from the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR;
  • M. K. Usova, a 5-grade student, received the Bogoliubov Scholarship of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR for students;
  • I. A. Muzalevsky, a postgraduate, received the second prize in the nomination “Experimental research papers”;
  • V. V. Shalaev, a postgraduate, received the award in the nomination “Experimental research papers”.