JINR scholarships for young scientists

News, 27 January 2021

At the meeting of the DLNP expert commission, it was decided to award Pontecorvo Scholarships 2021 to Ludmila Dmitrievna Kolupaeva and Maria Victorovna Fomina.

Pontecorvo Scholarships were established in 1997 in the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems. They are awarded annually to support active work of young researchers whose interest fields are particle physics and nuclear physics.

It should be also reminded that at the end of 2020, the Laboratory of Neutron Physics announced the awarding of the Frank Scholarship to the following winners:

  • In the section “Condensed matter physics”: A. V. Nagorny and V. D. Zhaketov

  • To D. Berikov on the section “Nuclear physics”

  • To A. Hassan in the section “Development of basic facilities”

  • To M. V. Bulavin in the section “Scientific and methodological developments for neutron studies”

Frank Scholarships are awarded to JINR employees working in the fields of neutron physics. Its focus is to encourage scientific and methodological activities of young researchers who have achieved success in the fields of nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, the development of basic setups, and scientific and methodological developments for neutron research.