JINR Science School for students from Egypt

Education, 12 September 2022

Today, on 12 September, the regular Science School for Students of the Children’s University of the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology began. The School aims to introduce young guests from Egypt to the Joint Institute, its research and the current state of physics. To participate in the School, 12 students passed a strict competitive selection, which was conducted by the Egyptian side.

The event programme started at the JINR interactive exhibition dedicated to the basic facilities of the Institute. Deputy Director of the JINR University Centre Alexander Verkheev greeted participants and their mentors from the Egyptian side. At the exhibition, a VBLHEP software engineer Nikita Sidorov introduced students to the history of the Institute and spoke about its scientific areas.

Workshops will take a significant part of the weekly School programme. Students will be taught the basics of measuring signals received from experimental equipment, as well as working with oscilloscopes, signal processing systems, and scintillation counters. Students will get acquainted with the basics of working with vacuum technology, which is widely used in many physical experiments. The result of the workshops will be a scintillation telescope for studying cosmic radiation, which young physicists will assemble on their own. “In fact, students will have the opportunity not only to master theory, but also get straight to work with a real physical facility,” Alexander Verkheev comments on the programme.

A special feature of this year will be an excursion of participants to the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum named after V. G. Kadyshevsky where they will be able to communicate with Lyceum students and conduct a number of laboratory work.

The School programme includes visits to the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, the Laboratory of High Energy Physics, and the Laboratory of Radiation Biology, as well as an excursion to Moscow.