JINR Scientific School for Kamchatka teachers

News, 13 April 2023

From 3 to 7 April, the Scientific School for the physics teachers of Kamchatka took place at JINR. 14 teachers from different districts of the region came to Dubna. The trip was organized with the support of the JINR Information Centre at Kamchatka State University. The participants learned about the research conducted at the Joint Institute and went on the guided tours to the laboratories of JINR.

The programme of the School included an exhibition dedicated the JINR basic facilities, lectures by the Institute’s employees, work in the Virtual Lab, demonstration of physical experiments, visits to VBLHEP, FLNR, and MLIT. “We tried to combine the events in a way that the teachers not only got acquainted with the scientific activities of the Institute, but also enjoyed the atmosphere of the science city, learned more about its history. Guided tours to the JINR Universal Public Library and the Kadyshevsky Physics and Mathematics Lyceum became an important part of the programme,” specialist of the Department of Educational and Research Projects and Programmes of the JINR University Centre Elena Karpova said.

The Kamchatka JINR Information Centre took part in the selection of teachers for the School. In the relatively short period of its existence, the Centre has held about ten events for schoolchildren, students, and the Natural Sciences teachers from the region. The organizers, as well as the lecturers and guides who worked with the Kamchatka teachers at the School noted their high level of training and motivation. The teachers “absorbed” the information actively and with interest, asked numerous questions, and discussed the introduction of newly gained knowledge into the educational process.

The teachers highly appreciated the practical workshops in a Virtual Lab, developed and conducted by the employees of the department headed by Yuri Panebrattsev. They allow conducting experiments (including in nuclear physics) anywhere in the world. The meeting with Academician Yuri Oganessian was a pleasant surprise for the participants of the School. The scientist shared his thoughts on the importance of science in human life with the teachers.

The participants shared their feelings about the school.

Natalia Vysotskaya (Yelizovo, School no. 7):

– It is great that a lot of young people in Dubna are involved in science, so its active development is seen in many areas. It is a pleasure to meet such kind and helpful people here, staff-members in the laboratories, lecturers. Today, our dream came true – we met with Yuri Oganessian, and we are so proud of it. I think we have completed our programme to the maximum, and I am sure that someday I will return here with my students. I have already planned that. One of my ex-students is currently studying at Dubna University to become a biochemist. The School reminded us how important it is to promote love for physics among children and show them the prospects of working here.

Alexandra Larionova (Yelizovo, School no. 2):

– The School gave us new ideas and motivated us for several years ahead, and this is important for teachers. The School has given us inspiration, which will stimulate us to work and encourage our students. The city is amazing. Here, even a librarian knows that you can control the flow of particles with the magnetic field.

Vyacheslav Cheryomukhin (Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Gymnasium No. 39):

– Everything is fascinating, I learned about some things for the first time. I will enjoy using the Virtual Lab materials that we were introduced to at my lessons. We were given lectures, taught interesting things. Now I definitely have an idea of where our physics and IT students can work after graduation. Engineering specialities are also in demand here, because a magnet cannot be assembled without a qualified specialist.