JINR scientist at round table of Argumenty i Fakty publishing house

News, 15 February 2023

On 14 February, ways to strengthen the scientific potential of Russia were discussed at a round table dedicated to the Science Week in the Russian Federation. A VBLHEP JINR leading researcher, winner of the award “For Loyalty to Science” Sergei Merts took part in the event. Participants discussed ways to attract young people to science and increase the prestige of the scientist’s profession.

At the meeting, participants noted that the prestige of research activities is enhancing in Russia and young people are striving for development in a variety of fields. Thus, according to the VCIOM public opinion poll, 70% of Russian people are interested in new achievements in science and technology. At the same time, one obviously need to make efforts in the field of popularisation of science due to the fact that only half of Russians believe that Russian science is developing at the same pace as the world one.

Speaking about his path in science, Sergei Merts shared his experience of being a populariser, “I immediately decided for myself that people would rather laugh than sleep at my lecture!” I would like people to understand the essence of complex projects. Even if they grasp some fraction, such an experience will be akin to a grain of sand that was caught by a shell, and pearls were formed. After all, even one phrase can influence someone, and a person will want to become a scientist.” Sergei briefly presented the NICA Megascience Project to the audience and spoke about his work at the Joint Institute as well.

Participants of the round table were also a chief producer of ANO “National Priorities” Gleb Fedorov, Deputy Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Rostec State Corporation Alexander Kashirin, a winner of the 2022 Russian Presidential Prize in Science and Innovation for Young Scientists and leading researcher at the Institute of Oceanology Alexander Osadchiev. Together with the moderator of the meeting, Brand Director of the Argumenty i Fakty publishing house Elena Mullanurova, they discussed whether scientific sovereignty is possible in the modern world, considered successful practices of promoting science. The discussion was about advanced innovative development and applied research, building mutually beneficial relations between business and science, as well as the topics of reformatting research institutes into scientific clusters. Children from the children’s and youth association “Strength is in knowledge!” attended the meeting as well.

Science Week in Russia: achievements of scientists, applied developments, and prospects of scientific sovereignty © Argumenty i Fakty Press Office