JINR scientist received medal of Russian Academy of Sciences

News, 22 July 2022

Following the RAS Presidium resolution of 19 July 2022, medals of the Russian Academy of Sciences with prizes for young scientists and students were awarded according to the results of the competition 2021. A senior researcher of the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics Andrey Pikelner has received a medal in the field of nuclear physics for a series of scientific papers “Multi-loop calculations and their applications to various models of quantum field theory”.

According to the scientist, some of the twelve research papers submitted for the competition and completed in the last 2-3 years expand and improve methods of applied multi-loop calculations. The others contain a supplement to the traditional scope of the applications, i.e. the Standard Model and its extensions. In addition, the series includes scientific papers describing the application of multi-loop calculations and methods of quantum field theory for problems of critical behaviour and the theory of phase transitions.

“If we want to achieve high accuracy, the complexity of calculations increases significantly. Each next order clarifying the existing answer could be several times more difficult than it has been calculated before. Therefore, to calculate the next order of accuracy, new methods, algorithms, automation of this process are necessary. I have developed programs and obtained the results that are quite universal and could be used in various calculations of this kind,” Andrey Pikelner commented.

Some of the research papers have been written by Andrey Pikelner personally, some of them have been co-authored. Head of the BLTP Sector of Quantum Field Theory Alexander Bednyakov has co-authored one of the main scientific papers of the series “Four-Loop Gauge and Three-Loop Yukawa Beta Functions in a General Renormalizable Theory” published by the journal Physics Review Letters in 2021.

Medals of the Russian Academy of Sciences are annually awarded in 21 scientific disciplines. The competition is held to encourage talented scientific youth and promote the professional growth of researchers.