JINR scientists at Space Week in Zaryadye Park

News, 11 April 2022

On 16 April, a senior researcher of DLNP JINR Mark Shirchenko and a researcher of LRB JINR Yuri Severyukhin will perform within a lecture series dedicated to space in Zaryadye Park. The event will be held on 12 – 16 April as part of the week dedicated to Cosmonautics Day.

The lecture “Space radiation. What do we know about it and how to protect ourselves against it?” by Yuri Severyukhin will be devoted to the discovery of cosmic rays and the radiation situation in Space. Listeners will learn how galactic radiation can affect the brain, how specialists simulate space radiation on Earth and what protection measures they develop.

Mark Shirchenko will perform with the lecture “How to learn about Space without being there”, in which he will speak about what other instruments besides a telescope allow studying space from Earth. The lecturer will talk about what all-wave and multi-messenger astronomy is, how to learn what happens inside a star, and how to look beyond the visible Universe. During the lecture, the DLNP JINR researcher will introduce the audience to a neutrino particle, which is strategically important for current-day astrophysics, as well as the Baikal-GVD experiment.

Scientists from Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SRI RAS), the RAS Institute of Biomedical Problems, Skoltech, researchers from the Museum of Cosmonautics, the Success Rockets Russian private space company and many others will also perform at the event. They will talk about surviving in space, how the Sun creates space bad weather, about the exploration of Venus and Mars, about participation in the international ExoMars project, and the FREND neutron detector, which explores the surface of the Red Planet. The space lecture hall will be held in a hybrid format and broadcast on the park’s page on the VKontakte social network.

During the whole space week, a space radio wave and cosmo works at the spring exposition “New beautiful exhibition. Spring” are waiting for guests. Moreover, as part of the space week’s programme, films by the TV Channel Nauka (lit. ‘Science’) will be broadcast, and scientific workshops for those who wish to participate (from 7 years old) will be held at laboratories of the Nature Centre hall.

Admission to lectures and workshops is free upon registration. The registration is available on the park’s website.