Jubilee of Samoil Mihelevich Bilenky

News, 25 June 2018

On 20 June 2018, the seminar dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Samoil Mihelevich Bilenky was opened by Director of the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics Professor D.I. Kazakov in the JINR Scientists’ Club. Samoil Mihelevich in his turn dedicated his speech to the object of his long-term research and called it “Neutrino in my life”.

Professor K. Dzhunti (INFN, Italy, Trieste) as the invited specialist participated in several schools on neutrino physics that are organized by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and named after Bruno Pontecorvo. His report was devoted to achievements and tasks of neutrino physics. The topic of contribution of S.M. Bilenky to study of the mysterious particle was continued by his student and colleague F. Shimkovits (BLTP, Comenius University in Bratislava). The scientific part of the seminar organized by the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics and the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems was concluded by Professor A.G. Olshevsky who presented JINR neutrino programme to colleagues, friends, and students of Samoil Mihelevich.

This part of the seminar ended with cordial and sincere congratulation from JINR Director Academician V.A. Matveev who presented to S.M. Bilenky a photo album dedicated to him, the album was prepared by the JINR Scientific Information Department and printed by the JINR Publishing Department. At the buffet that followed the scientific part, friends, colleagues and students of Samoil Mihelevich noted his personal qualities, his intelligence and modesty, unfailing courtesy, friendliness and willingness to discuss any problems (not necessarily scientific), his incredible commitment to work and ability to sincerely share the joy of success of friends and colleagues.

More details about the seminar is available in the JINR Weekly Newspaper

Samoil Bilenky: «Neutrino is a present of nature», Video by the JINR Scientific Information Department

Photos by Igor Lapenko, JINR Scientific Information Department