Lecture by Dmitry Kazakov on Youtube

News, 01 November 2021

We offer to your attention a lecture “Journey to microcosm with theoretical physicist” by Director of the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of JINR Dmitry Kazakov published on the YouTube channel of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). Over 1.2 million viewers have watched the lecture.

The Director of BLTP JINR speaks about the way the world works, the main laws governing the micro and macro worlds, the Standard Model of Fundamental Interactions, and where dark matter is buried. Unsolved mysteries of the universe are challenges to new generations of researchers.

Dmitry Kazakov delivered his lecture as a part of the MIPT educational course as JINR and MIPT are actively developing their cooperation, new directions of which have been discussed during the recent visit of MIPT Rector Dmitry Livanov to JINR.

Here are just some of the comments on the recording that still continue to appear under the lecture published 3 years ago:

“It is amazing! Perfect presentation! All my life I have dreamed of hearing that and now finally. Talent!!”
“There is a new mystery behind every discovery! Everything of genius is simple, but not everything simple is of genius. I am a musician by profession, but nevertheless, the lecture was understandable and interesting for me from a philosophical point of view. THANK YOU”
“Thanks to the author, excellent lecture, very good montage, amazing work, incredibly interesting topic”
“I do not know why it came to me in recommendations but thank you, it was interesting. I had to subscribe. I wish I had such teachers”
“There we are! The very case when it is so interesting that I forgot that I am a humanitarian”

Dmitry Kazakov: “Journey to microcosm with theoretical physicist” Video: MIPT

It is noteworthy that this is not the only frequently viewed lecture by Dmitry Kazakov on YouTube. A recording of the presentation “How the world works. From atoms to nuclei and elementary particles” for the Cultural and Educational Centre “Arhe” also became a million-plus lecture by Professor Kazakov.

Dmitry Kazakov: “How the world works. From atoms to nuclei and elementary particles.” Video: Arhe Centre

Besides, it is impossible to leave Dmitry Kazakov’s lecture series for the popular educational project PostNauka without attention.

Dmitry Igorevich Kazakov is a Russian physicist, specialist in the fields of quantum field theory and elementary particle physics, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the JINR-based Department of Fundamental and Applied Problems of Microworld Physics (FGAP, MIPT). The author of more than 200 scientific papers.