LRB JINR told TV channel 360° about human space flights

News, 18 October 2018

In the Laboratory of Radiation Biology JINR, a special room was opened for research on behavioral function of rodents. In this room, scientists will study how memory, activity and other characteristics change after being exposed to radiation similar to that astronauts are subject to in flyghts to the far space. The main question of the experiment is whether a human being able to fly to the Mars or not. LRB staff members told journalists of the 360° Dubna TV channel about the first experimental results.

The experiments are carried out under special conditions, for example, using a particular lightening of the room or in the dark, under a strict supervision vie cameras. Scientists of the Laboratory of Radiation Biology have worked at creation of such a room for studying behavioral functions of small laboratory animals for a year.

We would like to remind you that the International Conference «Topical Issues in Space Radiobiology and Astrobiology» is held in JINR this week, the theme of which covers the issues of space flights’ safety as well.

First radiobiological experiments in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research were first carried out 60 years ago when the first flight to the space was being prepared. Now, the tasks are different: to study what dangers are hidden in radiation that can influence people when flying to the Mars. One group of laboratory animals is irradiated, and then their behavior is compared with that of the control group. According to the results, conclusions are made about the danger of heavy accelerated ions.

“At this stage, it is too early to explore the far space without studying impact of heavy charged particles. Of course, we will fly to the Mars, we have already been on the Moon, and we will fly there again. However, flights to the Mars should be postponed due to the harmful influence of heavy charged particles on the cognitive functions, the operative memory is impaired,” LRB Scientific Secretary Igor Koshlan said.

Since it may lead to the failure of the mission, a colossal preparatory work is needed before the flight to the Mars to protect astronauts from exposure to radiation.

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