Republic of Moldova

General information on collaboration

The Republic of Moldova joined JINR since its foundation according to the agreement signed on 26 March 1956. As a sovereign republic, Moldova has been member-state of JINR since 1992.

The Republic of Moldova with other member states actively takes part in researches held in the Institute. All scientific researches and developments are forms of the enacted Topical plan of research works and international cooperation.

At present, 4 experts work at JINR according to appointment of Plenipotentiary representative of Moldova. The main part of scientists, which deals with collaborative works with JINR, does researches in scientific organisations and Moldova institutes with using JIBR techniques and developments when they come to Dubna on short-term business trips.

The long-term productive cooperation connects the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics with professor K.K. Gudima’s team from the Institute of Applied Physics of MAS. In the late 1960s K.K. Gudima worked at LTP. In 1969 he defended Ph.D. in Dubna and all succeeding years has always been in contact with JINR. A.S. Parvan, his student, is a research scientist at the Laboratory now. A large amount of work has been performed for the last 5-6 years which was expressed in many publications and reports at international forums.

The collaboration with JINR allowed Moldavian scientists to widen their cooperation with international scientific centres and universities of other countries as Germany, Italy, France.

  • Viсtor V. Voronov
    Executive of the JINR contacts with the Republic of Moldova, Director of the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics

  • +7 (49621) 6-55-34
    +7 (49621) 6-36-95


Scientific Themes and Projects

Scientists of Moldova take part in the research work on the following themes of the Topical plan for JINR research and international cooperation for the year 2018:

  • Theoretical Physics
    “Theory of Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions”
    Leaders: V.V. Voronov, A.I. Vdovin, N.V. Antonenko (LTP),
    from the part of Moldova: K.K. Gudima (IAP ASM);

    “Theory of Condensed Matter Physics”
    Leaders: V.A. Osipov, A.M. Povolotski (LTP),
    from the part of Moldova: S.A. Moskalenko (IAP ASM).
  • Elementary Particle Physics and Relativistic Nuclear Physics
    “The JINR experimental base development for ions copious beam and polarized nuclei process to find mixed phase of nuclear matter and to analyse polarized effects in energy field up to √sNN = 11 GeV/n”
    Leaders: A.S. Sorin (LTP), V.D. Kekelidze (LHEP),
    from the part of Moldova: K.K. Gudima (SUM IAP ASM), M.I. Barznat (IAP ASM);

    “Development and creation of complex prototype for radiotherapy and applied research of heavy ion beams of Nuclotron-M”
    Leaders: S.I. Tiutiunnikov (LHEP),
    from the part of Moldova: K.K. Gudima (IAP ASM).
  • Nuclear physics
    “Analyses of Neutron Nuclear Physics”,
    leaders: V.N. Shvetsov (FLNP),
    from the part of Moldova: L.E. Chepoi, V.F. Rudnik (IAP ASM), T. Lupashku, A.N. Arikhu (IC ASM).
  • Condensed Matter Physics, Radiation and Radiobiological Research
    “Research of condensed substance state with use of modern neutron diffraction techniques”,
    leaders; D.P. Koslenko, V.L. Aksenov, A.M. Balagurov (LHEP),
    from the part of Moldova: L.B. Rud (IAP ASM);

    “Radiation effects and nanotechnology fundamentals, and radioanalytical and radioisotopic researches at FLNR accelerators”,
    leaders: S.N. Dmitriev, P.J. Apel (FLNR),
    from the part of Moldova: E.A. Akimova (IAP ASM), I.Kulyak (MSU);

    “Biological effect researches of heavy ions of different energies”,
    leaders: E.A. Krasavin, G.N. Timoshenko (LRB),
    from the part of Moldova: M. Duka (ASM University).
  • Networking, Computing, Computational Physics
    “Information and Computing Infrastructure of JINR”
    Leader: V.V. Korenkov (LIT),
    from the part of Moldova: S. Kodgokaru (IMI ASM), K.K. Gudima, M. Barznat (IAP ASM), P.P. Bogatenkov.
  • Educational Programme
    “Organization, Support and Development of the JINR Educational Programme”,
    leader: V.A. Matveev, S.Z. Pakuliak (UC),
    from the part of Moldova: V.V. Ursaki (ASM).
Plenipotentiary representative

Since June 2017, the Plenipotentiary representative of the government of the Republic of Moldova in JINR is Doctor habilitatus of Physics and Mathematics Veaceslav Ursachi – coordinator of the Department of Engineering and Technology Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

Major scientific achievements

Veaceslav Ursachi is an author of more than 300 scientific papers, more than 200 of which were published in international peer-reviewed journals, 3 monographies and student books, 5 chapters in monographies, 30 invention patents.

Members of the Scientific Council

Igor PovarHead, Department “Physicochemical Methods of Research and Analysis”, Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (Chişinău, Moldova) is a Member of the JINR Scientific Council at present.

National groups

The languages of international communication at JINR are Russian and English. However, one can hear the speech in many languages in Dubna, including the languages of JINR member-states when the countrymen, the representatives of the same expatriates’ community (the national groups of JINR), meet each other.

Over the years of existence of JINR the national groups have developed their traditions, forms of cooperation and collaboration with other national groups. Their leaders, appointed by the plenipotentiaries of the JINR member-states play an organizing role in the life of national groups.

  • Alexandru Parvan
    Head of the national group of Moldova, Senior Scientific Researcher of BLTP JINR

  • +7 (49621) 6-31-74


Being in constant contact with plenipotentiaries, embassies of member-states, JINR’s directorate and management services, they take part in the solution of the problems connected with the stay of their colleagues-countrymen and their families in Russia, with the organization of their life and leisure. The Council of the leaders of the national groups meets periodically. The representatives of the Directorate and the services of the Institute are invited to its meetings. The agenda includes the discussion of the urgent problems of the collaborators from the member-states. Due to this, the Directorate is able to make adequate decisions in time.

On the occasions of major public holidays of the member-states the national groups arrange receptions. These festive events are held accompanied by art exhibitions, photo exhibitions, and enrich JINR staff members’ knowledge about the member-states, their people and culture.

National Holidays
  • New Year – 1 January;
  • Christmas – 7 and 8 January;
  • International Women’s Day – 8 March;
  • First and Second Day of Easter by the Church Calendar;
  • Second Monday after Easter – Tuesday after Quasimodo;
  • Day of international Solidarity of Labouring Class – 1 May;
  • Victory Day and Day of Remembrance of Heroes who died for Motherland Independence – 9 May;
  • Day of the Republic – 27 August;
  • Limba noastra – 31 August;
  • Christmas – 25 December.

Contact Information on the Embassies

Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in the Russian Federation:

Russian Embassy in Moldova: