Meet JINR Educational Portal

Education, 25 January 2019

The creation of an educational portal in 2018 was a necessary step for the integration of the developed projects by the JINR and InterGraphics company staff. Beginning with the creation of small development resources for schoolchildren and the holding of exhibition activities, the Virtual Laboratory, developed in cooperation with the Republic of South Africa and a number of other countries, has passed many years.

This day the JINR Educational Portal is ready to present you several more serious projects.These are the video lectures of our wonderful scientists and engineers who have collected their experience and knowledge in our institute and would gladly share it with you. The Portal also contains the series of video lessons for schoolchildren and students about the achievements and new scientific discoveries taking place in our laboratories, video lessons about the JINR flagship project – the NICA collider, animations about JINR experimental facilities, as well as the Virtual Laboratory.

Welcome to!