Meeting place cannot be changed: AYSS conference 2021 in Alushta

News, 22 June 2021

The Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research was traditionally held in the Resort Hotel “Dubna” in Alushta. From 8 to 15 June, 47 young scientists from 8 countries made reports on the topics of their scientific studies and listened to lectures dedicated to the modern achievements of the Institute’s laboratories. This year, the Conference was dedicated to the 65th JINR anniversary.

Within the framework of the Conference, a competition took place for the best report according to the opinion of the programme committee. The winners are:

  • Torosyan Astghik (LIT) “Describing quantumness of qubits and qutrits by Wigner function’s negativity”,
  • Regina Kozhina (LRB) “The effect of DNA synthesis inhibitor on DNA damage induction in melanoma cells after exposure to protons”,
  • Mariia Mardyban (BLTP) “Investigation of the chain of Mo nuclei based on a two-dimensional model with the Bohr Hamiltonian”,
  • Alexey Trifonov (DLNP) “LINAC-200 Control System Status”,
  • Maxim Zakharov (BLTP) “The acceleration effect in quantum physics”,
  • Dmitry Pugachev (FLNR) “Results of obtaining 48Ti, 52Cr, and 48Ca ion beams at the DC-280 cyclotron”,
  • Yuri Stepanenko, Margarita Korobitsyna (VBLHEP) “Transverse impedance model of the NICA Collider for experiments at SPD”.

In addition to scientific tasks, young scientists and specialists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Mongolia, Moldova, Vietnam, Romania, and Azerbaijan discussed a wide range of topical issues concerning the youth of the Institute at a round table with the Directorate. JINR Director Grigory Trubnikov and Scientific Leader of the Institute Victor Matveev, as well as Grigory Shirkov, Boris Gikal, and Dmitry Kamanin, answered the questions about the development of the Institute’s infrastructure, the position of postgraduates, the JINR participation in new international scientific collaborations, and others.

The programme of the Conference also included a video broadcast with young scientists from SPBU and RCTU to discuss the “Scientific Communication” topic and a lecture by Dmitry Kamanin on the history of international cooperation at JINR.

AYSS Chairman Nikolay Voytishin noted the following when summing up the milestones of the event, “School-conference Alushta-2021 turned out to be more multifaceted and diverse than ever. Scientific lectures and reports by young employees were of a very high level. The near-scientific programme was extremely rich and evoked great interest from participants. Discussions after a meeting with Andrey Tamonov, as well as after the round table “On importance of scientific communication”, continued on the sidelines until the departure of participants. I would like to highlight the AYSS round table with the Institute’s Directorate at which Grigory Vladimirovich jointly with colleagues answered the questions interesting for the youth. Such a format of communication is important and fruitful. Young employees feel openness and accessibility of managers, and this is a huge advantage.”

“Moreover, I would like to express gratitude to the organizing and programme committees for this well-organized and planned event,” he added.