Memorandum of understanding between JINR and AAEA was signed

News, 27 December 2016

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research was represented at the 13th Arab Conference on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy which was held on 18 – 22 December 2016 in Hammamet, Tunisia. The conference was organized by the Arab Atomic Energy Agency (AAEA), the League of Arab States and the National Center for Nuclear Sciences and Technologies of Tunisia (CNSTN). Head of the JINR International Cooperation Department D. V. Kamanin made an invited report “New opportunities for the research and education at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research”.

During this conference, a Memorandum of understanding between the AAEA and JINR which is aimed at enhancement of cooperation of JINR with the countries of the Arab League was signed. The first actual steps for the implementation of the Memorandum were outlined. So, it is expected that AAEA representatives will arrive in Dubna for detailed acquaintance with the Institute at the end of January 2017.

The previous conference of the AAEA with the participation of JINR was held on 16-20 May 2015 in Egypt; and already on 30 May of that year, AAEA Director General Abdelmajid Mahjoub made an introductory visit to JINR.