MPD solenoid has arrived at its destination

News, 04 November 2020

A cargo (a cryostat in a container) has arrived in Dubna. A barge with a tugboat is on the roadstead. Tomorrow, on 5 November, after the arrival of a floating crane, the container will be loaded onto the platform. On Friday, 6 November, it is planned to transport the container and unload it in the MPD pavilion approximately from 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM.

The cryostat is a steel vacuum vessel with a superconducting winding fixed inside it. In order not to damage such a complex engineering construction, which is a cylinder 5.6 m in diameter and 8 m in length, it was placed for transportation in a metal container of a larger size which is equipped with shock sensors. The container’s total weight is 120 tons. More information…