Neutrinos should be got to talk

News, 21 July 2020

On 14 July 2020, the website “Troitsky Variant – Science” published an interview of Jan Machonin (Czech Republic, JINR) with Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Deputy Director for Science of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems JINR Dmitry Naumov.

Why do neutrinos not almost interact with ordinary matter and cut through billions of stars? Can neutrinos be the particles of the mysterious dark matter? What information do they provide about the evolution of galaxies and the Universe? What is the benefit of studies of neutrinos for the “national economy”? Will neutrino detectors help control the production of nuclear weapons? When will be the largest neutrino observatory of the Northern hemisphere on lake Baikal completed? How to catch neutrinos produced inside the earth?

Jan Makhonin talked about it and many other issues with Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Dmitry Naumov.

The scientist talked in the interview not only about neutrino physics but also about his life journey, research and administrator activities, as well as about how the Institute survived in the 1990s and how does it work now.

The interview was published in the “Troitsky Variant” journal. The Czech version of the interview was published on the web-page of the Czech Republic in JINR and on the Czech scientific portal

Dmitry Naumov takes an active part in the creation of the Baikal neutrino telescope. Photo by B. Shaibanov (JINR)