New Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of VBLHEP

News, 04 July 2018

On 28 June 2018, an important for young staff members of the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics event was held. After a long four-year break, the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists (CYSS) met again.

Thirty-five people gathered at the joint meeting. A new Council headed by Krystian Roslon was elected, for whom 32 attendees voted. He presented his election programme in which he shared his plans and outlined problems of the VBLHEP youth. New membership of the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists was approved according to the results of voting: Bogomolova A.S., Hertenberger S.V., Seitova D., Shemchuk A.V.

CYSS VBLHEP of a new convocation thanks its voters for their trust and is now ready to start work in order to promote achieving of favorable working conditions for young VBLHEP employees to extend and develop their research and professional activities. Among the areas of its work, CYSS VBLHEP also sees involving of young people in the scientific, cultural and sports life of the Institute, popularization of science and assistance in solving housing problems of young employees.

Diana Seitova

Shemchuk A.V., Bogomolova A.S., Roslon K., Hertenberger S.V., Seitova D.