New developments of Newton-type for solving nonlinear problems

Publications, 02 September 2022

The Kurs publishing house has issued a monograph by MLIT Deputy Director, Academician of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences Ochbadrakh Chuluunbaatar and JINR Honorary Doctor, Academician of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences Tugal Zhanlav. The monograph focuses on “New Developments of Newton-Type Iterations for Solving Nonlinear Problems”.

In Newton-type methods, iteration parameters play a key role. Suitable choices of these parameters not only speed up convergence, but also extend the convergence domain. Over the last two decades, many scientific papers on this topic have been published. The monograph systematises the results obtained in this area, including the results of the authors’ joint studies obtained in collaboration with co-authors. The present book will be useful to readers, graduate students, and researchers interested in the field of applied mathematics, numerical analysis, and applied sciences.