New joint Master’s programme of University “Dubna” and JINR

Education, 30 June 2020

The State University “Dubna”, the Engineering Physics Institute, and the Department of Fundamental problems of microworld physics announce the opening of a new Master’s programme “Physics of quark-gluon matter”.

The key partner of the new Master’s programme of the University is the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Its mega-science infrastructure, namely the NICA heavy-ion collider and the supercomputer “Govorun”, will be the research basis of the new Master’s programme. The basic scientific laboratory of the programme is the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics where one of the world-leading scientific schools in the fields of quantum field theory is represented.

The leader of the programme is one of the most cited theoretical physicists of the Russian Federation Valentin Ivanovich Zakharov, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Chief Researcher at ITEP whose Hirsch index is 69. Professors of the programme are leading scientists from JINR, ITEP and other scientific centres.

The key aim of the programme is to train theoretical physicists able to conduct fundamental research in the fields of quark-gluon plasma physics, to study the structure and evolution of the Universe. New accelerator complexes like LHC, NICA, FAIR and others will provide important physical information for the analysis and explanation of which theoretical physicists are required possessing knowledge in various fields: from quantum field theory to gravitation. At the moment, it is the only Master’s programme in Russia on this subject.

Entrance exams will take place on 14 July and 19 August. In 2020, submission of documents and entrance exams are held remotely.

Please, indicate the day you are going to take an exam in advance. To do this, please fill in a Google form.

You can find more details about the programme in the presentation available via the link.