NICA Days in Warsaw

News, 05 November 2017

On 6 — 10 November 2017, the 2nd conference “NICA Days in Warsaw” devoted to the flagship project of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, mega-science project NICA will start in Poland. The conference “NICA Days in Warsaw” is organized by the Warsaw University of Technology with the support from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and it will be held jointly with the II Slow Control Warsaw 2017 meeting.

A new mega-project NICA is being developed at JINR in Dubna. The project is in advanced stages of realization. Considering that, it is a perfect moment to present its actual state and to find new people from scientific and engineering environment, companies and students for further development and cooperation.

The conference “NICA Days in Warsaw” will bring together experts, scientists, engineers and students interested in heavy ion physics and in various aspects of design and construction of measuring equipment for NICA experiments.

In addition to reports on the topics of the conference is scheduled to sign the Consortium Agreement “NICA-PL” and the Addendum to the Framework Agreement between WUT and JINR which was signed at the first such conference held in 2015.

View of the Old Town of Warsaw. Photo: