NICA in research of young scientists

News, 09 November 2018

9 November 2018, Warsaw, Poland. The 4th International Conference “Slow Control Warsaw 2018” is held in the Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Students and postgraduates from India, Poland and Russia, who have participated in internships in the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics JINR, present at the Conference the results obtained during their work in Dubna. Operation principles and development of slow control systems are considered at this Conference basing on the example of JINR experiments at the constructed collider NICA. Young scientists performing at the Conference have participated in such student programmes of the Joint Institute as the Summer Student Programme and the International Student Practice held by the JINR University Centre, as well as in the “Team for the Future of NICA” (TeFeNICA) programme held by VBLHEP JINR.

The aim of the Conference is to disseminate knowledge about Slow Control Systems in large-scale physical experiments, and, in particular, the possibilities of participation of students and young researchers in scientific student events organized by JINR. In total, the event was attended by more than 70 young scientists.

The Conference will be concluded by a gala concert performed by the Polish Royal Opera in the Mała Hall of the Warsaw University of Technology.