On new possibility of pulse accumulation of UCN in a trap

Publications, 17 April 2023

We offer to your attention a preprint “On the new possibility of pulse accumulation of UCN in a trap” P3-2022-66 issued by the JINR Publishing Department. The authors are Alexander Frank, German Kulin, and Maxim Zakharov.

The paper considers the concept of an ultracold neutron (UCN) source based on the deceleration of very cold neutrons (VCNs) by a local decelerating device. As the latter, it is proposed to use a gradient spin flipper. It is shown that in this case, the flux of VCNs, which after deceleration are converted into the UCNs, has a pulse structure. In this case, the duration of neutron bunches can be significantly less than their repetition period. Accordingly, the density of the neutron flux in the bunch will significantly exceed the average value. This opens up the possibility of pulse filling of the UCN trap, without preliminary time focusing.

The study has been carried out at the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics JINR and sent to the journal Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letters.