On the way to creating new JINR cyclotron

News, 04 May 2022

On 29 April 2022, a JINR delegation headed by Grigory Trubnikov and represented by Sergey Dmitriev, Boris Gikal, Grigory Shirkov, and Sergey Yakovenko visited the Efremov Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus (NIIEFA), St. Petersburg. The goal of the visit was to sign an agreement on the development and production of an accelerator complex based on the MSC-230 superconducting cyclotron for proton radiation therapy of oncological diseases.

Photos © NIIEFA

JINR Director RAS Academician Grigory Trubnikov and NIIEFA Director General Evgeniy Sakadynec signed the document. The agreement includes four stages and implies drafting of technical documentation, production of components and systems of the accelerator, its assembling, debugging and a test launch at NIIEFA, further transportation to JINR, installation, and full-fledged launch in Dubna in two years. The signed document is the result of fruitful preparatory work conducted by the organizations linked by 75 years of successful cooperation, starting from that on the DLNP Phasotron, which was brought into operation in 1949.

The main technical solutions used for the new high-tech accelerator have been proposed and applied based on the unique computer modeling, as well as the experience in creating modern cyclotrons by the professional team of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems JINR under the leadership of Galina Karamysheva and Oleg Karamyshev. The design of the accelerator also includes superconducting technologies developed for the NICA megascience project at the Laboratory of High Energy Physics JINR.

During the visit, the JINR delegation was introduced to the production opportunities of NIIEFA. The organization is currently one of the most technically developed and advanced producers of electrophysical equipment in Russia.

Photos © NIIEFA