Open Information Day of JINR-based departments at the Dubna State University

Education, 26 January 2018

On 19 January 2018, the Dubna State University and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research hosted high school students, their teachers and parents to acquaint them with specific character of training specialists at JINR-based departments. 106 students from Dubna, Dmitrov, Rybinsk, Konakovo and other towns took part in the event.

After the welcoming speech by Rector D.V. Fursaev, the guests were invited to the excursion around the campus during which students got acquainted with history and present state of the University, visited its academic buildings, laboratories and the health and fitness centre «Olimp”.

Excursions to the JINR laboratories became the highlight of the event. Each of JINR-based departments prepared its own programme. Thus, the Department of Nuclear Physics and Fundamental Problems of Microphysics invited students to the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions. Then, guests visited the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics. Head of BLTP Sector, RAS professor A.B. Arbuzov told them about outstanding scientists who had worked at the Laboratory.

Excursion to science for school students – Open Information Day of JINR-based departments at the Dubna State University

32 students interested in educational programmes of the Department of Physical and Technical Systems and the Department of Personal Electronics visited the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics. Before visiting basic facilities of the Laboratory, high school students were given a short lecture on tasks of electronics and detectors production for experiments that would be conducted at the future NICA accelerating complex. Acquaintance with its elements became a culmination of the visit. Excursions were mainly given by recent graduates of the Departments and the Laboratory employees Ilya Shirikov, Artem Galimov, Alexander Tikhomirov, Alexander Dmitriev.

Guests of the Department of Biophysics visited the Laboratory of Radiation Biology. Students learnt about the history of the Laboratory’s foundation and its modern scientific fields of research. The most active participants had an opportunity to try themselves in conducting experiments at the practical lesson prepared specially for them.

Those Open day participants who were keen on problems of modern materials science and who had attended the Department of Nanotechnologies and New Materials were invited to the DLNP Scientific and Experimental Department of Nuclear Spectroscopy and Radiochemistry where they got acquainted with properties, fields of application and production of organic scintillators (material used for registration of radiation). Students were also invited to the Sector of Raman Spectroscopy (Centre “Nanobiophotonics”) of the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics that carries out research in the field of condensed matter and to the Centre of Applied Physics of the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions where the guests were told about the methods of production, study and fields of application of track membranes.

The Department of Distributed Information and Computer Systems and the Laboratory of Information Technologies organized an extensive programme of lectures and excursions. During the excursion provided by LIT staff members T.A. Strizh (Deputy Director) and M. I. Zuev (Researcher), high school students learnt about the history of foundation and development of the Laboratory and computing technologies in JINR, visited the machine hall and the Control Centre of the Central Information and Computer Complex, saw interesting historical models of computers and even the first motherboard. The lectures were devoted to the LIT projects and Heterogeneous cluster “HybriLIT” at which parallel and hybrid computations are carried out.

Source: Dubna State University