Photos and Video: at the conference of the RAS Nuclear Physics Section

News, 20 March 2019

The NICA project in cooperation with Russian institutes

The NICA mega-science project being implemented in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is an example of not only wide international cooperation but also scientific-technological and production interaction with Russian institutes, which participate in the development and creation of the research infrastructure of the collider’s detectors, advanced electronics, various systems.

Participants of the session-conference of the Nuclear Physics Section of the Physical Sciences Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which was held in Dubna, visited the Laboratory of High Energy Physics and observed how assembling of the booster is held, a magnetic-cryostat system of the synchrotron consisting of superconducting magnets and the so-called cooler, the electron cooling system of the beam.

The NICA project implemented in coperation with Russian Institutes, Video by the JINR Scientific Information Department

Victor Matveev, RAS Academician, Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research: “A significant meeting is held in Dubna with the participation of members of the Nuclear Physics Section of the RAS Physical Sciences Department. The time when this meeting is held is special as far as it is held on the eve of sessions of the JINR Finance Committee, the Committee of Plenipotentiary Representatives of the JINR Member States. We prepare the report on our work, and it is remarkable that we present the first report to our colleagues. It allows us to discuss in detail the current state of work, including that at our facilities, the participation of specialists from the institutes of the Academy of Sciences, the Kurchatov Institute, and universities in our project. It is exciting to get so many offers proposed by our colleagues from Russian institutes; it is a kind of consideration of the strategy for the development of nuclear physics in the fields of fundamental research in the territory of Russia, including our international Institute. We observed a parade of attractive offers and projects. We will find new formats of joint participation in the advanced level development of projects, at the level of mega-science projects.”

Please, find below photos by Elena Puzynina of the past session-conference of the Nuclear Physics Section of the RAS Physical Sciences Department.