Problems of colliders and accelerators will be discussed in Alushta

News, 21 September 2022

Today, on 21 September, the traditional 14th International Scientific Workshop “Problems of Colliders and Charged Particle Accelerators” organized in memory of Professor V. P. Sarantsev started in the Resort Hotel “Dubna” in Alushta.

The Workshop is aimed to exchange information and discuss issues of accelerator science and technology, physics of beams of charged particles, the development of new projects of lepton and hadron colliders, modernisation of operating facilities, the use of accelerators for scientific and applied aims, and the involvement of young scientists in solving problems of accelerating technologies. The current state of the NICA Megascience Complex and the SKIF Synchrotron will be widely discussed. A total of 49 oral and 62 poster presentations will be shown during the Workshop. Representatives of the largest accelerator centres of Russia are among speakers.

“The Workshop, with its international status, is largely a forum where all Russian accelerator centres present their latest results,” Anatoly Sidorin, Deputy Head for Science of the VBLHEP Accelerator Department and Deputy Chairman of the Organizing and Programme Committees of the Workshop, commented on the event. “The current seminar is of special interest because it is taking place against the background of the increasing role of domestic accelerator equipment producers.”

The commemorative Workshop has been held in Alushta since 2005. This time, one of the working days happens to be V. P. Sarantsev’s birthday. On this day, a memorable report “Touches to the portrait of a scientist” is in the programme.

Organizers of the event are the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, the Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS, and the Scientific Council for the problems of Charged Particle Accelerators of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Workshop programme will finish on 24 September. Upon the recommendation of the Programme Committee, selected reports of the Workshop will be published the PEPAN Letters journal (Particles and Nuclei, Letters). Articles are published in Russian and English.