PyChannel Messaging Service in Sonix+

Publications, 30 October 2023

We offer to your attention a preprint “PyChannel Messaging Service in Sonix+” P10-2023-27 issued by the JINR Publishing Department. The authors are Ivan Morkovnikov and Liubov Truntova.

We consider the development of the PyChannel messaging service for the Sonix+ software package, which provides control of the measuring facilities at the IBR-2 reactor at FLNP JINR.

The need for this was determined by the fact that the current implementation of the inter-module communication protocol based on the Varman database cannot provide data exchange between modules running on different computers and servers with different operating systems, as well as the interaction of 64-bit and 32-bit programs.

The article describes the adaptation of PyChannel to the needs of different programs that are part of the software package in order to create a unified service to extend the capabilities of Sonix+.

The investigation has been performed at the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics at JINR and submitted to the Particles and Nuclei, Letters journal.