Radioprotective substances on the Earth and in the space

News, 06 June 2018

On 30 – 31 May 2018, the International Conference «Radiation Exposure-Related Problems of Chemical Protection and Repair» was held in the International Conference Hall. The Conference was organized by the Laboratory of Radiation Biology JINR, the RAS Scientific Council on Radiobiology, the Laboratory of Radiation Biology JINR, FSUE RPC “Farmzaschita” of Federal Medical-Biological Agency of Russia, and OOO “Special and Medical Equipment”.

About one hundred specialists studying the mechanisms of radiation damaging effects, issues of repairs (from the Latin “reparation”) of radiation injuries, development of radioprotective substances took part in the Conference. The Conference was attended by representatives of such relevant scientific and production organizations as the State Research Centre “Burnasyan Federal Medical Biophysical Centre of FMBA”, the Institute of Biomedical Problems RAS from Moscow, OOO “Spetsmedtekhnika” (Special and Medical Equipment, the State Research Institute of Highly Pure Biopreparations, FSUE RPC “Farmzaschita” of FMBA (Pharmacological Protection), the Czech Technical University in Prague, the Institute of Molecular Biology of the Armenian Academy of Sciences (Yerevan) as well as scientific centres of Obninsk, Pushchino, Chernogolovka, Orenburg and Chelyabinsk.

Cosmonaut Sergei Avdeev at the conference in JINR: “Is the first-aid kit ready for those who will fly to Mars?», Video by the JINR Scientific Information Department

More than 30 oral reports and about the same number of posters were presented at the Conference. The meetings were held in several sections. Thus, the block of reports under the general title “New approaches to search, classification and creation of new radioprotective substances” contained not only information about the latest methods and properties of radioprotective substances. These reports provided an overview of the state of this branch of knowledge in general, its state in Russian institutions, and difficulties scientists have to overcome.

Several reports were devoted to the problem of chemical protection in space flights.

Modern views on mechanisms of repair of radiation injuries and the possibility of their modification, prospects of development and implementation of radiosensitizers, radioprotectors, means of prevention and treatment of side effects of radiation and chemoradiotherapy, problems of pre-clinical and clinical studies and other issues were also discussed at the plenary session. The meeting of the Bureau of the RAS Scientific Council on Radiobiology and a competition of reports delivered by young scientists were held within the frames of the Conference.

Following the materials of the article by Galina Myalkovskaya, JINR Weekly Newspaper,
photos by Igor Lapenko, the JINR Scientific Information Department