Series of lectures by Igor Ivanov

News, 18 November 2020

The series of science popular lectures “Time scales: travelling deep into the second with historical sketches” has been recently concluded. The lectures were given by a theoretical physicist, a senior researcher of the Scientific and Experimental Department of Particle Physics of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, one of the well-known Russian science popularizers Igor Ivanov.

This series of compact educational lectures let listeners walk down the stairs of time ranges—milliseconds, microseconds, nanoseconds, picoseconds and even deeper. It was focused on the interplay of phenomena, and historical sketches about the first attempts of novice researchers in different areas complemented the narration. In total, Igor Ivanov gave eight lectures.

We kindly invite you to watch their records.

Lecture 1. “Milli- and microseconds”, 23.09.20

Lecture 2. “Early history of speed photoshoot”, 30.09.20

Lecture 3. “Acoustics”, 07.10.20

Lecture 4. “Ultrasound and phononics”, 14.10.20

Lecture 5. “Nano- and picoseconds”, 21.10.20

Lecture 6. “Femtoworld”, 28.10.20

Lecture 7. “The atom from inside”, 4.11.20

Lecture 8. “Zeptoseconds and yoctoseconds”, 11.11.20