Social mortgage for young JINR scientists

News, 18 August 2022

A ceremony of awarding certificates for social mortgages to young scientists and unique specialists was held at the House of Moscow Region Government. Seven scientists from the Joint Institute received housing subsidies this year.

Kirill Novikov (FLNP), Artem Roenko (BLTP), Vlad Rozhkov (DLNP), Veronica Smirnova (FLNP), Evgeny Sukhov (VBLHEP),Yulia Yablokova (DLNP), and Ivan Zel (FLNP) from JINR received certificates for social mortgage.

In the photo from left to right: K. Novikov, V. Rozhkov, V. Smirnova, E. Sukhov

The Social Mortgage subprogramme of the Dwelling State Programme is run annually by the regional Ministry of Investments and Innovations. This year the jury considered 138 applications, out of which 57 winners were chosen – 28 young scientists and 29 unique specialists from the Moscow Region. This brings the number of homeowners under the social mortgage programme to a total of 649. The criteria for evaluating applications were the scientific and socio-economic relevance of the research to the Moscow Region, its topicality and novelty, as well as its practical applicability. Moreover, the degree, printed publications, patents for inventions of beneficial models and industrial designs were also taken into account.

The most active city districts by number of certificates granted in 2022 were Korolyov, Khimki, Dubna, and Chernogolovka. In addition to scientists from Dubna, a housing certificate has been awarded to an employee of Dubna State University, a JINR long-standing partner.

The purpose of the Social Mortgage subprogramme of the Dwelling state programme is to support young scientists and specialists of the Moscow Region. It allows winners to get housing in the region on preferential terms: the Government of the Moscow Region pays 50% of the cost of the house as initial contribution. Over a period of 10 years, the principal debt is paid monthly, while the beneficiary of the social mortgage only pays loan interests.

Photo: the Ministry of Housing of the Moscow Region