Solemn opening of memorial plaque

News, 24 March 2021

On 27 March 2021, in the frames of the 65th anniversary of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, a commemorative plaque will be solemnly unveiled on the occasion of the renaming of one of the Dubna streets to Academician D. V. Shirkov street. The ceremony will be held at 7, Meshcheryakov street. The ceremony will start at 11:00 AM.

Taking into account the merits to the Institute, the city of Dubna, and Russian science, in order to perpetuate the memory of the outstanding scientist, the Dubna District Administration issued the order on 24 August 2020 by which one of the streets of the old part of Dubna would be named after Dmitry Vasilievich Shirkov.

Dmitry Vasilievich Shirkov is a world-famous scientist in the fields of theoretical particle physics, a co-author of a joint with Academician N. N. Bogoliubov monograph on the quantum field theory that has become the main textbook for several generations of theoretical physicists to come. Dmitry Vasilievich was a participant of the USSR Nuclear Project.

Academician D. V. Shirkov was one of the first employees of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research established in 1956 and worked for many years at JINR. From 1993 to 1998 he was the Director of the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics. Being in this position in these difficult for the Institute, the city, and Russia time, he greatly contributed to the support in Dubna of traditions of the strongest Bogoliubov scientific school, attraction of young people, maintaining scientific contacts with foreign scientists, development of international cooperation.

Active stand of D. V. Shirkov on the defence of the values of Russian fundamental science and the Academy of Sciences, unwavering support of Russian and foreign scientists earned him universal respect.

Dmitry Vasilievich was repeatedly elected a Deputy of the Moscow regional Council of People’s Deputies from Dubna, headed the JINR water ski school that raised numerous USSR, European and world champions, headed the Institute’s commission for awarding scholarships to the best teachers of the city for many years.

Scientific and social activities of D. V. Shirkov was highly appreciated at the state and international levels, and he was awarded the Lenin Prize (1958), the Orders of the Red Banner of Labour (1954, 1967), the Order of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria “Cyril and Methodius” I degree (1970), the Order “Badge of Honor” (1975), the USSR State Prize (1984), the Order of Friendship of Peoples (1988), the title “Honorary scientist of the Russian Federation” (1996), the badge “For Merit to the Moscow region” (2001), the Order of Friendship (2003), the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland” IV degree (2008). Dmitry Vasilievich was awarded the title of an honorary citizen of Dubna.