Start of the assembly of MPD Magnet Yoke in MPD Hall

News, 24 July 2020

In July 2020, the MPD Hall has been prepared by the contractor and delivered to the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics JINR. Therefore, the activities related to the MPD detector may now begin.

Facade of the MPD pavilion

The first stage of the MPD apparatus construction is the assembly of the iron yoke of the MPD magnet. The pictures show the components of the yoke transported from the storage facility at VBLHEP and placed in the assembly area of the MPD Hall. They also show the ongoing installation of the MPD yoke support legs, on rails on the floor of the MPD Pit, in the “Service” position envisioned for the full MPD apparatus. The team led by Nikolai Topilin is conducting the yoke assembly in order to perform in-place precision measurements of the mechanical setup, in preparation for the transportation of the superconducting solenoid to JINR.

This important milestone in MPD experiment preparation marks the beginning of the construction phase of the apparatus in-place, inside the MPD Hall.

Inside the MPD Hall

The first iron yoke beam is installed

Photo coverage by Igor Lapenko

Viacheslav Golovatyuk, Technical Coordinator of MPD
Adam Kisiel, MPD Spokesperson
Photos by N. Topilin (VBLHEP),
G. Myalkovskaya (JINR Weekly Newspaper),
Igor Lapenko (SID JINR)