“Structure of the atomic nucleus: yesterday, today…”

News, 18 January 2022

On 17 January, the seminar “Structure of the atomic nucleus: yesterday, today…” of Rostislav Vladimirovich Jolos was held at the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics.

These days, a world-famous theoretical physicist, a chief researcher at the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor Rostislav Vladimirovich is celebrating his 80th anniversary.

“I have been thinking about this report for at least a year without any date or publication in mind. I wanted to give a general outline of this scientific area, firstly, for myself and, secondly, for young people working at our department as it is also useful for them,” the speaker highlighted in his welcoming speech.

At the seminar, Rostislav Jolos gave a talk about the history of studying the structure of the atomic nucleus from the 30s of the 20th century until recently. The report covered various theories of the structure of the nucleus. In particular, the nuclear shell model and the superfluid model of the nucleus. Professor Jolos also spoke about shell calculations in a large configuration space, effective field theory, meson exchange models, forces acting in the nucleus and relativistic effects, the relationship of residual interactions with realistic nucleon-nucleon forces, the consistency of the mean-field of the nucleus and residual forces, the Migdal’s theory of finite fermi systems.

In conclusion, Professor Jolos quoted Arkady Migdal, “Theoretical physicists should strictly follow the principles of the approach used in their work. If the results of their calculations came into confrontation with experimental data, then it is a great success for a theoretical physicist because it means that an effect was found.” The speaker addressed young scientists wishing them to learn from outstanding scientists, “Bear in mind, learn from those people who have already done something.”

Congratulations to the scientist concluded the seminar. BLTP Director Dmitry Kazakov congratulated Rostislav Jolos on his 80th anniversary and delivered congratulatory addresses on behalf of the Directorate of the Institute and from the Laboratory staff.