Students of the Lycée Français A. Dumas at JINR

Education, 04 April 2018

On 27 March 2018, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research welcomed graduate class students of the Alexandre Dumas French Lyceum of Moscow accompanied by their teachers and Assistant to Advisor on Atomic Energy of the Department for Nuclear Affairs of the French Embassy in Moscow Natalia Baudry. It should be noted that it is not the first visit of representatives of this educational institution to JINR. For the first time the students of this Lyceum came to JINR in 2017. The visit so impressed the trip organisers that they decided to bring the next group of graduates to JINR without hesitation.

The students were provided with excursions to both JINR sites and visited the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions and the Veksler and Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics.

In the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions, Scientific Secretary A. Karpov gave the students a lecture on the synthesis of superheavy elements. What surprised young researchers more was the passion and dedication of scientists working in the field of fundamental science: they do not give up even when they know that the discovery can take decades. After the introductory lecture, the FLNR staff member A.Voinov guided the students to the IC-100 accelerator, where the guests got acquainted with the principles of the cyclotron operation. The excursion participants were very pleased with the opportunity to see the real equipment and people working with it.

Afterwards, the visitors went to the Laboratory of High Energy Physics where A. Shemchuk, M. Shandov, and D. Dryablov told them about the mega-science project NICA. They demonstrated the development of a superconducting cable and described the step-by-step process of assembly and testing of superconducting magnets for the future accelerator complex. A genuine interest of the listeners was caused by liquid nitrogen demonstrations.

Judging by the feedback sent, the visit produced a positive impression on its participants. Therefore, next year we are expecting new visitors from the Alexandre Dumas French Lyceum of Moscow.