Students of University “Dubna” interning at FLNP

News, 06 April 2022

The Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics JINR and the University “Dubna” closely cooperate in the fields of training young engineering staff for one of the basic facilities of JINR – the IBR-2M pulsed reactor of periodic operation.

This facility is the only pulsed fast-neutron reactor of periodic operation in the world. It is used to study condensed matter properties using neutron scattering. Students of the University “Dubna” are taking practice-oriented training at FLNP. Theses of many students are devoted to the works performed by them during the training at FLNP. Cooperating with the Laboratory, the University intends to provide highly qualified electronics engineers, mechanical engineers, and programmer engineers.

“For our Laboratory, the main thing in the cooperation with the University is the participation of students from different departments of it in the development and creation of those experimental facilities that we use for scientific research at the IBR-2 reactor,” FLNP Director Valery Shvetsov commented in the interview to the “Universum” TV channel. “These are about 20 complex user facilities. The cost of each is hundreds of thousands millions of dollars. It took considerable time – many years and even decades – to create them. The most difficult modern control technologies and tasks with different physical parameters: temperature, pressure, magnetic fields. Therefore, the main direction is the development of the methodological base of detectors, sample environment devices, and software for all this.”

Newscoverage by “Universum” TV channel

Head of the Department of Spectrometers Complex IBR-2 FLNP JINR Victor Bodnarchuk listed the specialties that the Laboratory needs, “We are interested in training specialists in detector electronics, mechanism control electronics. We need IT specialists who know how to program these devices.”

Interns themselves note that senior colleagues treat them loyally and help at work. The management hears the requests addressed to it. “It’s not difficult to fulfil your potential at the Laboratory if you want to. In response, the Laboratory does its best to support the initiatives of young employees,” says a postgraduate of Dubna University Maria Petrova.

A student of the University “Dubna” Egor Pimenov finds such advantages of working at the Laboratory attracting young people as a large number of experiments, freedom of choice of what to do, and a flexible work schedule that allows combining work and study. A student Akmanar Stamgazieva considers JINR a dream job at all, “I have heard about the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, many acquaintances have worked and still work there. Of course, any person has an interest, a desire to intern and work there. I was enrolled for an internship at the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics a year ago. Then, I stayed working there.”