Summer meeting of PAC for Particle Physics

Organization, 18 June 2021

On 21 – 22 June 2021, the 55th meeting of the JINR Programme Advisory Committee for Particle Physics will be held online. PAC PP Chairman I. Tserruya will open the event.

  Programme of the PAC for Particle Physics

Participants of the meeting will pay tribute to the memory of Belgian physicist Jean Cleymans.

JINR Vice-Director Vladimir Kekelidze will continue the event with the presentation of JINR news.

In the frames of reports on the current projects presented with the focus on the impact of the pandemic, reports on the implementation of the projects “Nuclotron-NICA” (A. Sidorin) and MPD (A. Kisiel) will be made. N. N. Agapov will report on the infrastructure developments, including the Nuclotron.

Proposals for new projects will be presented to participants of the meeting: T2K-II/Hyper-Kamiokande (V. Glagolev) and the upgrade of the CMS detector (V. Karjavine).

The programme of the event will be then continued with reports on projects approved for completion in 2021 and proposals for their continuation: BM@N (M. Kapishin), COMET (Z. Tsamalaidze), NA62 (D. Madigozhin), ALPOM-2 (N. Piskunov), STAR (Yu. Panebrattsev), DSS, HADES (V. Ladygin), NA61 (A. Dmitriev), Precision laser metrology for accelerators and detector complexes (M. Lyablin). Members of the committee will also consider written reports on projects approved for completion in 2021: ARIEL (L. Kalinovskaya) and HyperNIS (D. Krivenkov).

Reports on the scientific results obtained by the JINR groups in the LHC experiments will be made by B. Batyunya (ALICE), V. Lyubushkin (ATLAS), M. Savina (CMS).

The programme of the first day of the meeting also includes the scientific report “Current and future neutrino experiments at accelerators” by Yu. Kudenko.

Moreover, the agenda of the event includes a meeting of the PAC members with the JINR Directorate. Adoption of recommendations of the 55th PAC PP meeting including proposals for the next PAC meeting will conclude the event.

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