Supersymmetries and quantum symmetries being discussed in BLTP

News, 08 August 2022

Today, on 8 August, the International Workshop “Supersymmetries and Quantum Symmetries – SQS’22” started in the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics. This year, more than 60 scientists have joined the event offline and online.

At SQS’22, participants will discuss the following topics:

  • String and higher-spin theories;
  • Quantum and geometric aspects of supersymmetric theories;
  • Supersymmetric integrable models;
  • Quantum groups and noncommutative geometry;
  • Standard Model and its supersymmetric extensions;

The event will finish on 13 August.

The meetings of this series, which have already become traditional, are held on the initiative of a famous Dubna theoretical physicist, Professor Victor Isaakovich Ogievetsky (1928 – 1996) and gather leading experts in this field. The previous SQS meeting was held in Yerevan in 2019.