“Tensor” for JINR

News, 14 July 2020

The JSC “Tensor” continues to implement innovative engineering and technical projects in the frames of the agreement on scientific and technical cooperation with JINR.

The contract for the production of electronic calibration modules (ECal) has been recently completed. The ECal calorimeter is one of the detectors of the MPD experiment. Its key purpose is to measure coordinates and energies of electrons and photons produced in heavy-ion collisions.

These devices will be used at the accelerator mega-science complex NICA being constructed in the science city Dubna near Moscow.

The electromagnetic calorimeter is developed by JINR scientists, the Tensor company provides batch production of the unique equipment. A new assembly site in the shop of integrated assembly and mounting production (KSP-40) was created at the equipment plant to produce new for the company products.

Since the beginning of the year, 104 modules of the electromagnetic calorimeter in three variants have been produced complete with fibre-optic cables. The EMC modules consist of 1,664 towers.

Gaseous fire suppression modules have been earlier provided for the engineering infrastructure of the server room of the Laboratory of High Energy Physics.

Moreover, the equipment plant took up the duties to upgrade the video surveillance system of engineering and technical means of the physical protection around the perimeter of the DLNP site. Nowadays, Tensor specialists are starting to install video surveillance cameras and other equipment for perimeter security.

Another cooperation field of the equipment plant and the large-scale international organization may be equipping checkpoints of the two high access traffic JINR sites with advanced access control complexes.

“The JSC “Tensor” has a rich experience in the fields of design, production and installation of physical protection systems of objects of the Ministry of Defence, the State Corporation Rosatom and other institutions. We have offered to the Directorate of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research to consider the issue of participation of our company in the development of a concept of modernization of the control and access management system at the sites of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems and the Laboratory of High Energy Physics. We are ready to conduct a survey, prepare the design documentation and carry out the whole complex of works: from the production of equipment to the turnkey installation,” General Director of the company Victor Golubev said.

Source: dubna-inform.ru