The 125th session of the JINR Scientific Council

News, 19 February 2019

On 21 February 2019, the 125th session of the JINR Scientific Council will be launched in the International Conference Hall. It will be chaired by K. Borcea. JINR Director Academician V.A. Matveev will present his report at the session.

Participants of the meeting will consider the analysis of the implementation schedules of the JINR flagship projects NICA, the Factory of Superheavy elements and BAIKAL-GVD. V.D. Kekelidze, S.N. Dmitriev, D.V. Naumov will present their reports. V.N. Shvetsov will report on the status of establishment of the Laboratory for Structural Research of Macromolecules and New Materials at the SOLARIS National Synchrotron Radiation Centre of the Jagiellonian University (Poland).

PAC Chairmen will introduce recommendations taken at the meetings of the Programme-Advisory Committees in January 2019 to members if the JINR Scientific Council.

At the session, the endorsement of appointments of Deputy Directors of DLNP and LIT will be made. JINR Director V.A. Matveev will announce vacant position in the directorates of the JINR Laboratories.

On the second day of the session, young scientists O. Petrova, N. Rumyantseva and T. Nagornaya will present their reports recommended at the PAC meetings.

The V. Dzhelepov Prize will be awarded to Leading Researcher of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems Professor V.I. Komarov. A.G. Olshevsky will present the jury’s decision on awarding the B. Pontecorvo Prize.

JINR Vice-Director M.G. Itkis will present the jury’s decision on awarding annual JINR prizes for best papers in the fields of scientific research, instruments and methods, and applied research. The session will be concluded by the general discussion and the adoption of the Resolution.

  Programme of the 125th session of the Scientific Council