The INFINUM International Meeting for the first time in BLTP

News, 20 March 2019

Today, on 20 March 2019, the International Workshop «Infinite and Finite Nuclear Matter» (INFINUM) started in the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics.

The interdisciplinary workshop “Infinite and Finite Nuclear Matter” is held for the first time and is considered as a platform offered to specialists in the physics of atomic nuclei, nuclear matter, heavy ion reactions and astrophysics for the exchange of experience in understanding properties of nuclear systems and nuclear interactions in various media.

The scientific programme of the INFINUM includes topics of infinite dense matter relevant to neutron stars and the heavy-ion collision (equation of state, superconductivity, liquid-gas phase transition, collision dynamics, etc.) and topics of finite nuclei, like structure, excitation energies, decays, energy-density functionality, etc. One of the days of the workshop will be dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and colleague Eduard E. Saperstein (1939 – 2018) who made an essential contribution to physics of finite Fermi systems.

The Workshop will be concluded on 22 March 2019.