Three particular properties of periodically pulsed reactor dynamics

Publications, 16 January 2023

We offer to your attention a preprint “Three particular properties of periodically pulsed reactor dynamics” P13-2022-36 published by the JINR Publishing Department. The author is Evgeny Shabalin.

Periodic production of energy in pulsed reactors essentially transforms direct impact of reactivity upon power (and feedback as well) as compared to steady-state reactors. In the paper, three specific dynamical properties of a periodically pulsed reactor are formulated and justified. One of them — manifestation of positive reactivity with periodic vibration of any elements inside a reactor — has never been mentioned before in special literature, although it shows itself in steady-state reactors, however, not as markedly as in pulsed reactors.

The investigation has been performed at the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics JINR. The work is submitted to the Atomic Energy journal.