Video: University “Dubna” about Nuclear Physics Department

Education, 01 February 2021

The “Universum” TV channel of the University “Dubna” filmed a video presentation about the Department of Nuclear Physics. It explains who, what and why learns here, as well as introduces people teaching academic research.

Academic research starts with the Department, with projects implemented here. Ideas emerge, goals are set on which scientific groups work as a result of the collective brainstorming at the Department.

The Department of Nuclear Physics conducts its studies together with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. And first of all, with the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions where 10 out of 18 new elements were synthesized in the last 60 years. The synthesis of transuranium elements includes numerous scientific areas, like chemistry of superheavy elements, the development of accelerator technology, detecting technology, the development of theories for depicting the properties of the atomic nucleus.

Research conducted at the Department of Nuclear Physics. Video: University “Dubna”