We deeply regret to announce

Organization, 24 September 2020

We deeply regret to announce that Lev Borisovich Pikelner passed away on 22 September 2020. L. B. Pikelner was an outstanding Soviet and Russian experimental physicist, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Honorary Doctor of JINR, and a recognized science organizer in the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics.

Lev Borisovich Pikelner

09.11.1924 – 22.09.2020

Lev Borisovich successfully combined creativity and meticulousness with his ability to unite young colleagues to solve the most challenging, on the verge of feasibility, tasks and achieve results. Demanding and self-critical assessment of acquired results, their quality and novelty earned him well-deserved respect and recognition among the world scientific community.

A loving father and grandfather, a family man, a man with an active attitude to life. Lev Borisovich has always been and will always remain a role model for people who knew and loved him.

FLNP staff