We kindly invite you to international seminar NICA-2022

News, 12 December 2022

On 13 – 15 December 2022, the international workshop on methods of data analysis and processing in experiments at the NICA Accelerator Complex (NICA-2022) will take place organized jointly by NRNU MEPhI and JINR.

The event is unique in its format, since it will bring together experts involved in theory and analysis of real data from experiments on the study of the nucleus-nucleus collisions and preparation of new experiments, namely BM@N and MPD at the NICA Accelerator Complex.

The main scientific goal of these experiments is to study the phase diagram of highly compressed baryonic matter under laboratory conditions. In nature, such matter is formed only in mergers of neutron stars or as a result of a supernova explosion.

About 100 scientists from Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Israel, Mexico, Russia, the USA will take part in the Workshop, including representatives of international collaborations, such as BM@N (NICA), MPD (NICA), NA61/SHINE (CERN), STAR (BNL), and ALICE (CERN). Theoreticians from the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR and other scientific centres working in the field of strongly interacting matter will participate in it.

The international Workshop is organized by the NRNU MEPhI group for the study of nucleus-nucleus collisions together with the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics and the Laboratory of High Energy Physics JINR. It will be held online on the ZOOM platform.

Detailed information is available on the website. Registration on the website is required to participate in the Workshop.

Workshop proceedings are planned for publication in the journal Particles.