What will V. G. Kadyshevsky Lyceum be like?

News, 26 August 2020

On 30 July 2020, at the 14th meeting of the Public Council of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research for interaction with Dubna local authorities, the cooperation agreement was signed between JINR and the Dubna City Administration. This Agreement implies, inter alia, interaction on issues of the creation of the Moscow Regional Physics and Mathematics Lyceum named after Academician Vladimir Georgievich Kadyshevsky.

According to the portal of the Dubna City Administration, the Lyceum will open to its first students on 1 September of the next year. Three specialized classes will be established there: physics and mathematics, IT, and chemico-biological.

The 1st floor of the main building will have a lobby, cloakrooms, exhibition and assembly halls, a choreography room, a doctor’s office and a treatment room, a kitchen and a canteen. Classrooms, a lecture hall, and a recreation area will occupy the second floor. The 3rd and the 4th floors will have classrooms and classes for multidisciplinary use, chemical, physical and biological laboratories, extracurricular classes and teachers’ rooms.

The annex will house a large gym for general physical training, offices, coach offices and workshops, a classroom for engineering graphics and technology, 3D modelling and robotics laboratories, a library and a book depository.

There will also be a stadium with a football field and a basketball court, an athletics sector with running tracks and a jumping area in the territory of the educational institution.

This is how the building and interiors of the Physics and Mathematics Lyceum named after V. G. Kadyshevsky will look like after major repairs: