Winter meeting of the PAC for Particle Physics

Organization, 29 January 2018

The 48th regular meeting of the JINR Programme Advisory Committee for Particle Physics chaired by Itzhak Tserruya will be held on 31 January – 1 February 2018 in the International Conference Hall, Dubna.

Anatoly Sidorin, Deputy Head of the VBLHEP Accelerating Department 1, will inform participants of the PAC PP meeting on the progress towards realization of the Nuclotron-NICA project. Report on the infrastructure developments including the Nuclotron will be delivered by VBLHEP Chief Engineer Nikolai Agapov. VBLHEP Deputy Director Hamlet Khodzhibagiyan will report on the forced stop of Run 55 of the Nuclotron. VBLHEP Director Vladimir Kekelidze will present information on the NICA grant programme and formation of the MPD and BM@N Collaborations. The reports devoted to the MPD, BM@N and SPD projects realization will continue the theme of the JINR flagship project.

Furthermore, reports on the themes and projects approved for completion in 2018 and proposals for their continuation are also included in the PAC programme. Projects of ATLAS and CMS upgrade will be presented as well as a proposal for JINR participation in the second phase of the Borexino/DarkSide experiment. Reports on scientific results acquired by JINR groups in the ALICE, ATLAS and CMS experiments at LHC will be delivered.

The first day of the PAC PP will be finished with the scientific report “Factorization theorem and duality: from low-energy to high-energy regimes” by Igor Anikin. The PAC PP programme traditionally includes poster session for young scientists on research in the fields of particle physics, general discussion and adoption of the PAC recommendations.

  Programme of the PAC for Particle Physics