Workshop on High Energy Spin Physics started

News, 04 September 2023

These days, a traditional Dubna event, Workshop on High Energy Spin Physics, is taking place in a hybrid format at JINR. The current meeting is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Anatoly Efremov, an outstanding physicist, a world-renowned specialist in the field of quantum field theory and elementary particle physics. Almost 90 scientists from research centres of different countries are taking part in the event.

Dmitry Kazakov, Director of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics JINR, opened the Workshop, “It is significant that this meeting focuses on a purely quantum phenomenon – spin. Since an experiment has recently become very accurate, scientists increasingly started to talk about checking interpretations of quantum mechanics, in particular Bell’s inequality. The Workshop is dedicated to the memory of the great scientist Anatoly Efremov. He and Igor Savin, whom we also remember in connection with spin physics, were involved in such studies for many years.” Dmitry Kazakov also noted that participants of the event were going to discuss the prospects for spin physics at JINR, as well as the future SPD experiment and the SPD collaboration that had already started its work.

The Workshop will cover a wide range of spin phenomena at high and intermediate energies, such as recent experimental data on spin physics, nucleon spin structure, transverse momentum distributions (TMDs) and generalized parton distributions (GPDs), spin physics and QCD, spin physics in the Standard Model, fundamental symmetries beyond the Standard Мodel, polarization and heavy ion physics, spin in gravity and astrophysics, spin physics at NICA: SPD and MPD, polarimeters for high energy polarized beams, acceleration and storage of polarized beams, new polarization technologies, spintronics of nanostructures.

Moreover, the Workshop offers an opportunity to a large group of physicists and students from Russia and other JINR Member States to get acquainted with the most recent experimental and theoretical results in the spin physics.

The First Workshop on High Energy Spin Physics chaired by Proffesor L.I. Lapidus took place in Dubna in 1981. This was followed by the series of biennial workshops in the odd years in between Spin Symposia. The workshops were chaired by Anatoly Vasilievich Efremov (1933-2021), a world-renowned expert and the leader of spin physics in Dubna.

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute named after B. P. Konstantinov, the Institute of High Energy Physics named after A. A. Logunov, and the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI organized the event.

The working language of the Workshop is English. The Workshop will continue until 8 September 2023.