Yandex.Lyceum announces enrollment of students

Education, 31 August 2020

The Yandex.Lyceum offers free courses for 8- and 9-grade school students who wish to learn to programme, solve applied tasks and create their own applications. Classes of the Yandex.Lyceum are organized in such a way as to easily combine them with the study at school. The programme of the Yandex.Lyceum is designed for two years: it will be challenging but interesting.

The Yandex.Lyceum provides training in more than 160 cities of Russia and Kazakhstan. Classes in Dubna take place in Lyceum No.6 named after Academician G. N. Flerov (16, Pontecorvo str.) The teachers are Roza Nikolaevna Ershova and Alexandra Vladimirovna Shornikova, experienced teachers and specialists. They will become the mentors for children mastering the basics of modern programming. Classes take place twice a week in the afternoon.

To be enrolled at the Lyceum, it is necessary to pass a 2-stage selection:

  1. Online-test on the website until 10 September.
  2. Remote interview via Skype from 19 to 24 September.

All students who will successfully pass the online test will receive an email with an invitation for the remote interview.

Registration for the selection is open up to 10 September on the website of the Yandex.Lyceum:

In 2019/2020 academic year, 28 students passed the course “Basics of programming in Python” (first year). 25 students finished the year with good and excellent marks, so they will continue their training in the second year with the programme “Fundamentals of industrial programming”.

The Yandex.Lyceum operates in Dubna with the support of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.