Young JINR scientists got housing certificates

News, 10 August 2021

On 10 August, Governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyev awarded certificates for the social mortgage to young scientists and specialists of the Moscow region within the framework of the regional Housing programme. The festive awarding ceremony took place in the hall of the Booster of the NICA collider being constructed in JINR.

“There are professions that promote our country, make it strong. And science, applied research, their implementation have a decisive success in the global rivalry. 8 out of 13 science cities are in the Moscow region. There is a system that allows supporting doctors, teachers, those helping children, and that opens up new scientific scopes. It has been operating for many years,” the governor said. “Our task is to provide you with comfortable living conditions here so that to free you from the issues of supporting the family, building your future. This year, we provide 85 flats to young scientists and unique specialists. We do not only present certificates but also provide specialists who will further accompany you so that you choose the right apartment.”

Andrey Vorobyev highlighted, “This is not only a flat but also a sign that we, the Moscow region, and the country need you.”

About 200 young scientists and specialists of the Moscow region applied for the social mortgage 2021. 85 of them will receive certificates. There are 8 JINR employees among them: Regina Kozhina, Georgy Prokhorov, Evgeny Mardyban, Ilya Zhizhin, Alexey Tishevsky, Ilya Vasiliev, Dmitry Pugachev, and Vladislav Lisov.

The holders of housing certificates expressed gratitude to the head of the region for an opportunity to advance a career and do their life’s work without being distracted by the housing issue.

“Housing in Dubna is very expensive now, but it is possible to compensate the price using this programme. I have come to JINR through the University “Dubna” and have been working here since my second year at the University – from the age of 18 during 8 years – at the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics. It is prestigious to work at JINR, it is an opportunity to communicate with outstanding scientists. It is engaging, and there is no such an opportunity anywhere else,” Evgeny Mardyban, a BLTP junior researcher, said.

Regina Kozhina, an LRB junior researcher, noted the following, “It is difficult to buy a flat by yourself, so the social mortgage will save from unnecessary thoughts, will allow concentrating on career development, writing the candidate’s thesis, focusing on science. I entered the Department of Biophysics of the University “Dubna”, and our study took place in the Laboratory of Radiation Biology JINR. As 2-year students, we were brought to the Institute and shown the life of scientists, we learned what fundamental science does. I was fascinated by the atmosphere: I wanted to plunge into it and expand my scientific knowledge…JINR differs from other institutes. I have had an opportunity to conduct joint experiments in other institutes, but JINR is a special place. I am grateful for the Laboratory of Radiation Biology for the conditions provided to us for carrying out studies and, of course, to people surrounding me at the Laboratory and at the Institute.”

In addition to scientists from Dubna, housing certificates have been awarded to young specialists from Khimki, enterprises of the rocket and space industry, namely JSC “NPO Energomash” named after Academician V. P. Glushko and JSC “NPO Lavochkin”. In total, more than 700 young researchers and specialists from the Moscow region have received housing certificates for their own flats since 2016 in the framework of the programme. 54 of them are JINR employees.

The meeting with young scientists was also attended by a delegation of the Ministry of Investment, Industry, and Science of the Moscow region headed by Minister Ekaterina Zinovieva, head of the Dubna city Sergey Kulikov, leaders of JINR.

Young JINR scientists received housing certificates, Video by the JINR Scientific Information Department

Photos by the press office of the Governor of the Moscow region