Youth JINR Prize Competition concluded

Grants, 10 December 2019

Please, find below the results of the second round of the JINR Prize Competition for young scientists and specialists that took place on 6 December 2019.

The jury chaired by JINR Chief Scientific Secretary A. S. Sorin was represented by N. N. Arseniev (BLTP), O. Yu. Derenovskaya (LIT), T. V. Tropin (FLNP), O. B. Samoilov (DLNP), E. A. Strokovsky (VBLHEP), V. Chudoba (FLNR), V. N. Chausov (LRB), as well as Secretary of the jury, a representative of the AYSS Council A. Yu. Verkheev.

The winners are:

  • in the nomination “Scientific and research theoretical works”:

    first prize: Ilya Ivantsev (BLTP)
    second prize: Maxim Bezuglov (BLTP)
    third prize: Aidos Issadykov (BLTP)
    third prize: Pavel Sharov (FLNR)

  • in the nomination “Scientific and research experimental works”:

    first prize: Luidmila Kolupaeva (DLNP)
    third prize: Evgenia Kuzmina (LRB)
    third prize: Merei Tezekbaeva (FLNR)

  • in the nomination “Scientific-methodical and scientific-technical works”:

    first prize: Elizaveta Melnik (FLNR)
    second prize: Mikhail Rumyantsev (VBLHEP)
    third prize: Julia Alekseenok (FLNP)

  • in the nomination “Scientific and technical applied works”:

    first prize: Georgy Sedykh (VBLHEP)
    second prize: Anton Dolzhnikov (DLNP)
    third prize: Anton Kutergin (FLNP)

We congratulate the winners and wish them further success!

Reports are available via the link.

AYSS JINR expresses deep gratitude to the jury, the HRCM Office, the JINR University Centre, Maria Fomina and Andrei Pikelner for their assistance in holding the competition.